VITALITY – noun vi•tal•i•ty \vī-ˈta-lə-tē\ The capacity for survival or for the continuation of meaningful existence. The state of being strong and active; energy. The power giving continuance of life, present in all living things.

Stillness is the solution. Movement is the medicine. The mind is meant to be still, the body is meant to move. Integrating conscious stillness and conscious movement into your daily life is an investment in yourself that will radically change the way you experience your life. Exercise should not be viewed as a dreaded item on the ‘to do’ list, but rather a strategic tactic in optimizing your potential in the many roles you take on as a human being. Trying to change the physiology of the body without also addressing internal mood states and perceptions is an exercise in futility. Internal change precedes external change. First mind, then body. Repetition is key, consistency is king. Here at H4H our mission is to improve the present moment experience of our clientele. Nothing is more efficient at improving the experience of one’s present moment reality than the skillful combination of intentional movement, sound nutrition, and mindfulness practice. Surviving is not enough, we are meant to thrive. HOLT FOR HUMANITY seeks to empower individuals with VITALITY and guide them back to their natural state of health and happiness.



Every BODY is different. The approach with each client differs accordingly. Everyone has their own unique goals, hang ups, injuries, and imbalances. Be wary of any professional who offers a “one size fits all” fitness solution. At H4H, take comfort in knowing that you are being treated as individual, with the full and undivided attention of an experienced fitness professional. We can implement a variety of modalities to assist in reaching your goals, always being sure that you are enjoying the journey and not focused on an imaginary destination.


Ideal for the actor/entertainer/executive whose level of success demands traveling with security personnel. Give yourself the peace of mind that comes with having a bodyguard on the road with you whose primary concern is your health, wellness, and safety. Leave your nutrition, your fitness regiment, and your safety all in the hands of one capable professional. With an extensive background in martial art, and ten years of experience working as head of security in nightclubs on both coasts, you can rest assured knowing that not only will you be protected, but you will be able to keep fit and eat clean while you’re career takes you on the road.


Success in any endeavor begins in the mind. Secular mindfulness practice is steadily gaining popularity in the medical community. Its benefits for health and wellness are no longer speculation, but empirically reviewed fact. Meditation practice is the most effective way to neutrally examine mental patterns, beliefs, and perceptions. Once brought into conscious awareness, one now has the capacity to make an informed decision as to whether these patterns should be kept, or let go of in favor of more compassionate and empowering states of mind. Like the muscles of the body, positive mental states can be isolated and trained with repetition and consistency. Is your mind stopping you from being as healthy as you can be? Turn your mind into an ally – in the gym, at work, in relationship, everywhere. Learn more about how to implement a daily practice.


Take full advantage of the connections H4H has made as a member of the fitness and wellness community in Los Angeles for over six years. Use connections to the city’s top nutritionists, acupuncture and massage therapists, healers, functional movement experts, spiritual teachers, and psychotherapists. Clients are encouraged to explore and walk their unique path so that they may become the happiest and healthiest they can be.

“My only true possessions are my actions. There is nothing I can do to escape the consequences of my actions. My actions are the ground on which I stand.”

– The Buddha


A member of the fitness industry since 2008, my degree in Psychology from Villanova University has informed my unique approach to my work with my clientele. I consider myself to be an alchemist in the fitness world; I have explored many approaches with many teachers, from meditation in the desert to knife sparring in Europe, from fighting in the ring to giggling on the yoga mat, from Pilates studios to hardcore gyms. A native of the greater Philadelphia area, I learned the grit and discipline that is characteristic of east coast culture. In 2009 I followed my heart and moved to Los Angeles where I absorbed the benefits of a softer and more relaxed perspective surrounding life and work. My approach to health and wellness can be described as a combination of the respective energy of the east and west coast – sometimes it’s wise to move hard, sometimes it’s wise to move soft, but it’s always wise to move! I have had the privilege of working with and learning from a diverse clientele: from elite athletes, to hospital patients, from actors and entertainers, to senior citizens and children. From my life experience my own unique system and style was born. I offer this system to my clients. I seek to spread happiness through health. I believe the two to be one in the same. And I believe both are our birthright.

“In addition to knowing everything about fitness, Michael is inquisitive and constantly educating himself about new aspects of health & well-being for your benefit: from nutrition to meditation and everything in between. Michael Holt is more than a trainer; there’s a reason I make sure I see him 5 days a week.”

“Michael is that enviable mix of competence and skill and personality. He has never neglected the emotional or mental states that drive or sabotage my workouts and self-improvement. He brings a tremendous knowledge and our sessions are always well thought-out, varied and geared towards my personal needs.”

“Michael’s support, encouragement, and calm demeanor directed my focus to the importance of correct form and breath; and, ultimately, a healthier body”

“Every time I leave the gym I feel great, both physically and spiritually. Michael’s attitude towards wellness is holistic and all-encompassing. Our training leaves me feeling prepared to face the challenges of the day.”

“Michael pushes me while maintaining his patience for my limitations, and I leave our sessions each time with both a new-found knowledge of exercise, and a great sense of personal accomplishment.”

“Michael provided excellent security services for us during a recent tour stop in LA. Not only was he great with the artists, but he understood the delicate balance of allowing fans to have a good time while keeping the stage controlled and secure.”


It has to start somewhere. It has to start sometime. What better place than here? What better time then now?

– Rage Against the Machine

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